Interactive Projections it's another form of immersive Augmented Reality, this are experiences or games that are seen in the form of Digital Projections or on large screen Monitors without the need of wearing glasses. The projections can be set up as a floor projection in the ground, so as the viewer walks over it interactivity will be trigger in the images projected, when projected on walls or monitors the viewer just need to stand or walk in front of it to trigger the games or experiences which are incredible fun and immersive.
This interactive projections is an amazing entertaining tool to be set up in your venue, store, theme park or event to become the talk of town instantaneously. It's very effective to direct traffic to your venue or store, in the case of trade shows or events it will add an extra layer of visual and physical entertainment. Other great uses are for Art Galleries, Music shows, Themed Parties, and almost any type of special events. It works great both for kids and grown ups. Also you can use this type of projections as alternative Digital Marketing Ads. Everything can be customized to your needs, adding your company, event logo or text info to our magical projections.
Get in contact with us and tell us what you have in mind and we can bring any of your ideas to augmented reality with a unique beautiful entertaining visual installation. If you are unsure how an interactive projection can be set up in your venue or event but want to try this technology to enjoy the marketing benefits of doing something unique, let us know, we can help you create an installation set up that will be visually rich and creative to fit your needs.​​​​​​​
Scroll for Interactive Projection Samples below:
Floor Interactive Projection
Wall Interactive Projection
Translucent Screen Interactive Projection
Screen Monitor Interactive Projection
Sunny Summer Shows
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